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Gareth Mullins

Gareth Mullins is a proud British immigrant teen who has been fresh off the boat for more than 11 years now. Pretty weird how he still has an accent, isn't it…?

Working for The Trojan Times, Gareth always strives for excellence in his work, pushing to fulfill his goals as a writer. Looking ever onward toward what we may face in the future, Gareth is a lifelong advocate for the expression of thought, whether it is opinionated, controversial, or even just a terrible dad joke every once in a while.

Previous credits include diving into the world of online phenomena (“My Country Tis’ of Memes”) covering the recent success of the amazing Poms team (“Poms Wonderful”), reviewing the great R&B Track “Starboy” (“The Weeknd’s ‘Star Boy’ Is Out Of This World”), examining future dystopia (As tech moves forward, do we step back?), to even coming face-to-face with one of the scariest monsters the school has ever seen (“Homecoming Hysteria: Bat Attack!”).

Read his current and future works for views on current events from a rather unique perspective and from a guy who is fully committed to the journalistic tendencies of The Trojan Times team.

He is always up for shameless self promotion!

Hit him up for a talk or two on his insta (@garithimo) or at his snapchat, the-gster

Gareth Mullins, Staff Writer

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Gareth Mullins