Speech advances all performers to sectionals


Gareth Mullins

All of the performers qualified for the sectional tournament last weekend. Some members of the Performance in the Round cast are not pictured.

Gareth Mullins, Staff Writer

The stage was set. The team was ready and willing. The pressure was building. The IHSA Speech Regionals were just getting started.

Last Saturday, the C-G Speech Team got together to perform on our home turf at one of the most important events in the Speech season: Regionals. Our very best, such as the multi-talented Brad Porter and the always amazing Amy Janis, worked all season to make it into the very limited selection of students who earn a place at the highly regarded competition.

This being said, the competition was stiff. Many other great teams, like Warren High School, competed fiercely, with everyone giving the judges their all. Think Gladiator, but with great speeches replacing any sort of ancient Roman weaponry.

After the first few rounds, the team started to head back to their designated holding area with grins on their faces.

“I think I did great,” sophomore Matthew Coronado said. “You’ve got to be confident with these types of things.”

The team’s enjoyment was so infectious that even members who didn’t perform were feeling it.

“It really is just a lot of fun in general,” said senior Campbell Royales, who was volunteering to help run the event. “No matter if you break into the final round or not, like all the other speech meets, it really is just all about having a good time with a bunch of very great people.”

The team treats each other like family, supporting and caring for everyone’s well being and constantly being able to make each other happy through hard work and determination. Having everyone there for support is a win-win situation for the competitors.

After a long day of performing, the moment of judgement finally came: the awards ceremony.

Packing into the the school’s auditorium, the air was getting dense, but the energy between the team was still roaring loud and clear.

They were ready for whatever was going to happen, no matter the result, but what they earned was beyond their wildest expectations. They earned seven first-place finishes and every single performer advanced to the sectional tournament.

It was an extraordinary showing by this uncommonly talented group, and with sectionals on the horizon, it’s still not the end of their journey.