Filthy Frank reborn as Joji in excellent ‘In Tongues’


Gareth Mullins, Staff Writer

When many of our age group hear of pink spandex suits, high-pitched screaming, and internet jokes of the past, the first man who comes into our heads has always been Filthy Frank, a man who has not only shocked many with what he has done in the past, but also inspired what many high schoolers call comedy.

From his internet escapades to his outlandish music, he has become what is now widely known as an internet superstar. But, after many years of posting his content, time has changed him as it does everyone in some way or another. Joji has hung up his old persona to go forward toward a new calling: producing serious music full-time as a serious artist.

While this move angered many of his dedicated fans, it has led to his recently released EP, In Tongues, a five-song work that is pure R&B. While the album is a new take for the former internet comedian, fans of both him and of the genre have listened to his tunes with an open mind in support of his change moving forward.

After doing so, one thing is clear: the mastery the man has of singing, of blending smooth monotones, and of music in general, is completely undeniable.

Joji, hoping to erase what he has called the “mistakes of his past,” takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a look into the mind of a man who has truly found himself through his past experiences, a journey that is extremely relatable.

Throughout the EP, the songs’ lyrics, beats, and smooth-sounding nature is a breathtaking take on the R&B genre that is incredibly impactful. From the smooth piano tones and reflections on past relationships that “Will He” brings, to the aesthetic monotones of “Pills,” Joji’s soulful voice echoes in the hearts of those who listen, taking them on the journey this artist took to find who he really is. This journey, found within the music as one listens fully to its message, is one that was truly hard on Joji, and is extremely impactful in a way that I have not felt while listening to music in a very long time.

Adding to this is the masterful way Joji has of talking about the topics in his work, making his music both relatable in today’s world and a beautiful work of art. While talking about dealing with his own faults with “Demons,” or dealing with the person he made himself after the mistakes of his past with “Bitter ****,” for example, Joji uses his tones and lyrics to project raw emotion. It offers a genuine connection to the feeling of heartbrokenness that Joji projects, one that I have not experienced with music in the R&B genre much at all.

The connection made me fully sympathize with the man’s struggles, which in turn made me realize how strong of a connection his music has with today’s generation, a generation that finds itself on an emotional rollercoaster of life in a world with many faults we hope to fix as we move on. This raw, powerful emotion of saddened beauty is the backbone of this work, and is pulled off so well that it is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful EPs I have listened to so far.

Overall, the move made by Joji offers everyone the chance to experience a solid R&B track that is one for the soul.

Joji has released an EP that has truly mesmerized his audience and has offered all of us  a means of glorious escapism through the emotional vibes of his incredibly soulful voice.