Winter Showcase sure to give you chills

Gareth Mullins, Staff Writer

Snow, tinsel, and ugly sweaters. It truly is that time of year now: the start of the winter months.

You know what also comes at this time? Our amazing drama department’s annual Winter Showcase.

And this year is definitely going to be one to catch. How do I know this? Well, I have specific insider knowledge — I am actually IN this program.

And I, for one, am extremely excited for what is to come.

In this year’s Showcase, the acts consist of more than eight different skits that vary completely from each other, showing off what many aspiring actors and their coordinators can do when under the spotlight.  

Some, like my very own “There Shall Be No Bottom,” which expresses how wrong bad actors can be when forced to work with each other, go the comedic route with a ton of action, suspense, love, and a whole lot of awkwardness, while other acts offer an array of emotions for you to take in.

This truly is a variety, and one that is extremely impressive with keeping both the actors and audience engaged at all times and ready for whatever is to come throughout the show.

Headed by all-star directors, this show is bound to amaze. With great leaders such as seniors Brad Porter, Hannah Angle and Jack Bressett, naming a few, the skits truly are in good hands.

Learning skills from these fine directors and from the head of the drama department, Mrs. Whalen, has helped us young actors blossom for what we are about to show this weekend.

Dress rehearsals are currently underway onstage in C2. With the performances almost here, many in the show are getting excited and are ready and willing to give the show of a lifetime.

“The show is a great taste of what is to come in the future of drama at C-G for sure,” freshman Elle Pugh said.

       Learning new techniques, stage positioning, and all the other basics of acting truly has impacted us new actors, making us more than ready for the show – and beyond.

        Now it is only a matter of time until we can strut our stuff onto the stage.