The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ is out of this world


It has been a time that many fans have been waiting for for a while now: the time when, finally, the newest Weeknd album was released.

On November 25, I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to catch this one as soon as I could. Was this release worth my sleep deprivation?

Starboy by The Weeknd, was a widely hyped album release that drove fans’ hearts crazy after the release of his last great hit, “Beauty Behind The Madness.” With songs from the last one including the great, catchy beat of “Can’t Feel My Face” (which is still stuck in my head to this day), and strong songs such as “Dark Times,” which was an amazing collaboration between the powerful voices of both the artist and one of my favorite British singers, Ed Sheeran, my hopes were high for this release as soon as I heard rumors of it.

And, thankfully, my expectations were met… and more.

The album is by far the best that singer has ever produced and is definitely music to my ears.

This collaboration of R&B, soul, and partially electronic songs are bound to give old and new fans alike a new vision into the future of these genres while also giving off an energetic vibe that will introduce listeners to a new form of euphoria.

Upbeat songs such as the title track, “Starboy,” give off a dance beat that is bound to get anyone moving. In doing so, however, the song expresses the singer’s woes with his acquired stardom, making the song have more meaning even after the first 10 times you listen to it, showing the potential this new genre of music has to offer.

This unusual blend of positive-yet-saddening music spreads to more of the album, too. The song “False Alarm” makes the listener feel as if they are in a rave, yet also tells the tale of misguided love of a starry-eyed lover and the shocking realization he relates. “Rockin’” has an overwhelmingly positive beat, but expresses the speaker’s feelings as he tries to understand why love has to be so complicated with his relationship spiraling out of control.
The album truthfully is an emotional roller coaster that everyone should experience.

Coupling the amazing lyrics and beats is the liquid gold voice of lead singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. Many consider his voice divine, something that is completely godlike.

One can especially hear how wonderful it truly is in the song “Secrets.” The mysterious, inconclusive, intriguing sound of the singer definitely shows in this masterpiece. The man is truly legendary in the way he expresses himself, making both this album and his music in general a journey worth taking.

For new fans, even if you do not know much of The Weeknd’s music, you can still find something familiar in some of the amazing songs on this album. Many great artists accompany the beautiful voice of The Weeknd on certain tracks.

For example, techno artists Daft Punk have provided beats for both “Starboy” and “I Feel Coming,” which are both amazing beats in their own ways. Other featured artists include rapper Kendrick Lamar and Lana Del Rey, who also has an amazing voice.

Even if you do not know The Weeknd well, if you know how great these singers are, you should be all in for this release. And hey, you may even pick up new artist to enjoy on the way.

The Weeknd’s Starboy truly is a great release for both new fans and old alike. If you are up for some excellent R&B, chill but meaningful vibes, and a dive into a new musical realm, pick up (or download, as most do nowadays) this release as soon as possible.

Gareth’s Score:

5/5 Shooting Stars