C-G Champions

C-G Champions

Did you know that many of your fellow students are state and sometimes national champions in their chosen events? And it’s not just the ones you’ve already heard of, who excel as part of a Cary-Grove team or activity. There are a host of largely unknown champions in our midst, and the Trojan Times will try to recognize as many of them as possible so we can all celebrate the incredible things C-G students are capable of.

Now you can read about or just recognize:

Ricky Hurley — national champion (discus) and qualifier (shot put), 2015 shot put┬ástate champion

Kelsey Hallin — nationally ranked rodeo rider

Isabella Marchioretto — nationally ranked equestrian rider

Erika Lasaker — Worlds-qualifying hip-hop dancer

Mollie Immens — nationally ranked ski jumper

Rachael Underwood — national qualifier in gymnastics

Nikki Baars — national qualifier in gymnastics

Jessica Bender — state champion in gymnastics

Luke Rands — state champion in gymnastics

Luka Sisauri — state champion in gymnastics

And perhaps many more! If you know someone who should be on this list for an exceptional achievement outside of Cary-Grove, email that person’s name and accomplishment to Mr. Hester at [email protected].