March isn’t long enough for this much Madness


Per Britannica, the average month lasts 30 days. March 2023, however, may be an outlier. 

I say this because of the absolute BONKERS March Madness from this year. 

Right before the final buzzer sounded in the Florida Atlantic-San Diego State Final Four matchup on April Fools Day, SDSU’s Lamont Butler let go of a game-winning shot attempt from midrange with the score at 71-70. 

Butler drained it. A perfect swish. Chaos ensued. 

I was STUNNED. I was rooting for FAU to win SOLELY because of the fact a “March Bracket Repeat Champion” would NOT occur in my family if the Owls shocked the world one more time. 

However, my rooting interest lost, and my 7-year-old sister became a “bracket dynasty.” 

But brackets aside, that shot by Butler was *ice cold*. 

It was also *almost* not worthy to be counted. 

THIS was Butler’s right foot moments before he stepped back into the court and hit the game-winning shot. 

If Butler’s foot was an *inch* wider to the right, SDSU could say goodbye to a National Semifinal win. 

Anyhow, the bucket drained by Lamont Butler was absolutely INSANE. What a CLUTCH moment! 

UConn and Miami squared off in the second semifinal game, and the Huskies breezed past the Hurricanes (just like they have all tournament long). 

Connecticut won by a final of 72-59, although Miami made it interesting in the first half (but didn’t do much after the fact). 

On the women’s side of the equation, the LSU Tigers and Angel Reese won in convincing fashion over the dominant Caitlin Clark and Iowa Hawkeyes, 102-85, to clinch LSU’s first national title in basketball. 

There was no shortage of trash talk coming from the ladies during their tournament, and the most discussed chirping (or celebrating, for that matter) came in the final moments of the LSU-Iowa game. 

The aforementioned Reese did a “can’t see me” celebration toward Clark, and it sparked hate on social media. 

“Why would Reese do this?!” “Classless.” “Idiot.” 

I get that Reese followed Clark around for about 20 seconds, celebrating in her face. However, it was the end of a national championship WIN, and emotions are going to run at an all-time high. 

It’s funny that Clark did HER “can’t see me” towards South Carolina in the *semifinal* game, and no one batted an eye. 

When Reese did it towards the end of the *national title* game, people were quick to bash it. 

The facts I will always fall back upon when discussing the legendary “can’t see me” from the 2023 NCAA Women’s College Basketball tournament are this: 

The Golden State Warriors won 73 regular-season games in 2016. GS made it to the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The Warriors lost. In seven games. After going up 3 games to 1. 

Golden State in 2016 may have had the best regular-season in NBA history, but as the ‘96 Bulls will always echo, “It don’t mean a thing without the ring.” 

Cailtin Clark and Iowa may have made it to the Natty. Were they on the winning side when Angel Reese made her “can’t see me” public? 


The next evening, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, San Diego State and UConn battled for the Men’s National title. 

The game was a blowout. In a few years, it will probably be forgotten. 

UConn won 76-59, finishing off a tournament where they won ALL of their games by double-digits. 

The Aztecs just couldn’t keep up with the Huskies’ offensive attack, and the first half really reflected this. 

UConn jumped out to a 36-24 advantage at the half, with many quick baskets, and on the other side of the ball, defensive stops. 

The party kept going strong in the second frame for the Huskies, as they outscored SDSU 40-35, ultimately winning the contest by 17 points. 

It’s safe to say, throughout this year’s March Madness there were a *slew* of upsets, plenty of “bracket breaking” moments, and overall “exciting” games, one after the other. 

I am glad that it is all over, because now “March Madness” can take a nap. 

Well, at least until next year.