At 3-4, the goal is clear: Just win

At 3-4, the goal is clear: Just win

Teams that win throughout a season have high spirits and are able to practice harder to do even better the next time they hit the field. 

For teams that are on the short end of the stick throughout a season, however, it becomes more difficult to not only keep your head up, but to go and practice after a rough outing. 

The Trojans, from the moment the season started to the present day, have arrived at practice with the belief they will come out on top if they showcase full effort from the first snap to the last one, no matter if they won the day before, or struggled in a tough game. 

Coach Seaburg is proud of his group doing so, even if it is not easy to keep their minds focused on the positive after three straight losses. 

“All we can ask for as coaches is that our kids come to practice with a positive attitude, [wanting] to work hard, that they try their hardest,” Coach Seaburg said. “Right now, our guys are doing all of those things.” 

He is excited to see the progress sophomore running back Holden Boone can make throughout these last two games, especially after coming in for injured seniors Colin Desmet and Mykal Kanellakis on short notice and doing well against Jacobs. 

“He did a really nice job,” Coach Seaburg said. “Really proud of his effort, and I’m looking forward to seeing him continue to grow and develop.” 

When injuries come up unexpectedly, there are players that have to step up, and it seems as though Boone is up for the challenge. 

This team may have a 3-4 record, but their behind-the-scenes work is not reflective of that. For a team with this good of a work ethic, playoff qualification would be the sweetest thing after their work hasn’t resulted in the wins they wanted to earn. 

As Kanellakis said a couple of weeks ago, these Trojans don’t “go down,” and as of right now, they are not out of contention for a playoff berth. 

Jim Carrey “So you’re telling me there’s a chance” vibes, anyone? 

Cary-Grove is very aware that they need to win their last two games to make the playoffs, and Coach Seaburg is making it a point of emphasis as the Trojans aim to get there. 

“That’s our goal, it’s to win.” 

That goal continues on Friday as CG heads to Burlington Central to battle the Rockets, and concludes with the regular-season finale at home against the Hampshire Whip-Purs on Oct. 21.

Two more wins is the talk of these Trojans, and with their hard work and a little bit of luck, they will keep a long streak of success going.