CG Buddies soccer game is pitch-perfect

The current world we live in needs some positives to lift the spirits of everyone.

When the Ukraine-Russia War, inflation, climate change, and hurricanes bring us down, we look to the little things that make our world better to keep our heads up and our feet moving forward. 

For example, we view the CG Buddies soccer game as a source of elation and intimacy that can kickstart a movement toward a better tomorrow. 

No matter if their team was scoring goals in bunches, or participating in a close, back-and-forth battle, you could see the happiness on the CG Buddies’ faces, which extended to the spectators. 

Overall, everyone was having a good time and shining warmth on the brisk, cold night that was thrown at them. 

For one of the players on the pitch, he is grateful to take part in a very special CG event for the second year in a row. 

“I think it’s awesome that I get to do that and be a part of CG Buddies,” Tyler Hadzima said. 

As for the performance of the participants, he is proud of the work his team put in and the effort they showed.

“Our team did great,” he said. “They played really hard, and they did really [well].” 

Not only did the players do well, the Buddies showcased their flag routine during halftime for the second straight year, and it was a fun way to present the many talents each of them have. 

Speaking of multi-talented people, there was a change of voice in the PA booth, as a peer of the Buddies announced goals and other parts of the first half. 

In today’s society, good times have been hard to come by, and the CG Buddies soccer game represents one of the positive times we do get that truly shows who Cary-Grove is and is a model for what the world can become.