Owen Hadzima: Reflecting on rookie year as sportswriter and announcer


I wanted to get my sports journalism career going. Where to start?

I had a sports website running already, but I wanted to reach higher. 

So, I decided to step into the Trojan Times door. I think it has worked out pretty well so far. 

I have been fortunate enough to cover a *state champion* varsity football team. 

Announce boys and girls junior varsity basketball. 

Sit in the press box at Northern Illinois’s football stadium for a state championship battle. 

Head down south to Illinois State’s Horton Fieldhouse for the Special Olympics state basketball tournament. 

Watch the Special Olympics Illinois Law Enforcement track meet. 

Take a selfie with David Montgomery (shoutout to PJ Brock!) 

Stand amongst Illinois sports-writing veterans as I listened and asked questions to a state champion team. 

As a highschool freshman. 

Conduct my first professional interview with one of the best coaches that has ever roamed the CG football sidelines, and basically wing it (not a great idea!) 

I learned a lot from that moment. Including the art of writing questions during the game. Go with the flow of the waves. 

All in all, there are a lot more little moments that have made my first year as a sports writer pretty awesome, and there are a ton of people I need to acknowledge, people that helped me along the road of my first year as a Trojan Times writer and broadcaster. 

First, the guy who gave me this opportunity, Mr. Hester. Thank you for giving me the tools and guidance necessary to become a better writer and journalist, including the art of taking a topic of a story and riding with that throughout. 

Mr. Seaburg, thank you for giving me low-key but highly influential advice that will always keep me on my toes as a writer. 

Also, for keeping things simple and real as you led our Trojans to a title! 

Rich Rasmussen, thank you for your guidance and wisdom as I made my way through my first ever season as a broadcaster. 

It’s cool to say I am a journalist and broadcaster for the: 

*my announcer voice* 


Finally, to my parents. Thank you for all of the miles of your cars you used to bring me to the weekly games, and for the amazing state championship experience. 

Thank you for putting all of my articles in a cool binder, and for organizing my college resume in the process. 

Thank you for creating my own sports website, and for promoting not only my articles, but the Trojan Times as well! 

Thank you for supporting me throughout my rookie year. 

To all the people who were there to go on this journey alongside me: 

Thank you. 

Here’s to the next three years of it.