Batter late than never: MLB returns after lockout today


After a 99-day hiatus due to the MLB lockout, the biggest baseball league in the world is back in business! 

The first game of the 2022 season will be the Milwaukee Brewers taking on the Chicago Cubs at 1:20 PM. 

7 games will follow, with all teams getting their first home game in from today until April 14. 

Speaking of the Cubs, I am excited to see how this season pans out. 

There is a lot of youth in Chicago, and it will be interesting to see what manager David Ross plans to do with those players in the field and lineup throughout the season. 

As for the MLB as a whole, I am excited and intrigued by how the new rules will impact the game, especially adding the DH in the National League.

And, the Atlanta Braves and their quest to repeat as champions brings a lot of pressure for them, but a lot of fun drama for us fans to enjoy. Will they stay dominant? Will they fall off? Who knows? 

Overall, it just feels good to have the future of major league baseball set and ready to (finally!) start. 

As the famous remark goes, “Play Ball!”