CG Buddies play for state: ‘It meant more’

It meant more. 

It meant more as one of the players on the Buddies opposing team in CG’s first game gave the ball to one of our guys, to shoot again, after he missed. 

It meant more when the constant elated faces on every player, no matter the score and outcome, were shining brighter than the sun. 

It meant more when the “Spirit of the Games” award ribbons were handed out after each game, and the players receiving them felt on top of the world. 

It meant more when all our family talked about after the games were the great individual performances, not what happened teamwise. 

It meant more during the dance that night, as every player, no matter if he or she was a part of a two-win or two-loss team, had the time of their lives. 

It meant more when lessons – not losses – were the talk of the town.

It meant more as basketball became the background. Best friends became the best aspect of this battle for state. 

It meant more. More than a couple dozen basketball games, more than trying to win a state title. 

It meant more than playing in a nice college fieldhouse. 

It meant more than staying in a cool hotel, having complimentary breakfast (which, by the way, was amazing). 

More than going out and about Bloomington-Normal. 

It meant more than all of that. 

What this tournament became was the start of many friendships. Ones that will never break. 

The start to a foundation of greatness and kindness – on and off the court. 

This tournament meant more than sport. 

It meant more.