Undefeated Trojans begin playoff journey against Rockford East

Wait, do I really see what I see? Hold on, all four Cary-Grove football teams went undefeated? Are we in New England or something? 

No, not quite. However, it sure seems like it! After the CG football teams flooded this great school with wins, and more wins, and more wins, through the regular season, the journey to playoff glory starts this week. 

Pretty cool stuff to see, especially after all of the trouble COVID brought us. I say “Good Luck” to all of the coaches and players participating in the playoffs these next – hopefully – five weeks. The grind-all-the-way, do-or-die part of the season is not a new experience for this school.

The varsity team, the main juggernaut of the four, starts their playoff journey at the friendly confines of Al Bohrer Field against 16-seed Rockford East on Friday. This first trial outside of the Fox Valley Conference brings with it a little uncertainty.

“I have never coached against them,” Head Coach Brad Seaburg said. That’s pretty remarkable for someone who has been a coach for more than 20 years. However, Coach Seaburg has experience with coaching against Rockford East’s conference, providing a glimpse into what the teams similar to his newest opponent are like. 

The playoffs bring an extra level of urgency for any team, knowing that your season is on the line. Coach Seaburg, the good coach that he is, knows this to a T. 

“I sure hope we’re ready,” he said. “In the playoffs, if you’re not ready, and if you don’t come out ready to play, your season’s over. Every detail matters, and just like that, we can take care of the football, execute, and come out with a win.”

The Trojans don’t count their chickens before they’re hatched, and that is something that can continue to take them far into the playoffs. 

A 9-0 regular season says that clearly, and the fact that the Trojans are the 1-seed in the 6A class takes that point and makes it even more true. 

We will see if the Trojans can advance to round two come Friday night. Rockford East vs. Cary-Grove kicks off at 7 PM Friday.