Sophomore golfer Lyne takes 12th in 2nd state trip

Ashley Peldiak, Staff Writer

The District 155 girls golf team ended their strong season at state this year, but it was a bittersweet ending.

According to sophomore Molly Lyne, one of the team’s top players, the goal was to make it to state as a team, but she was the only one to qualify. She placed 12 out of 110 and had her team there to cheer her on.

The season overall was a success since the team was undefeated in matches, won conference, and placed third in regionals before moving on to sectionals.

The competition was tougher this year, but every girl still tried their best and saw improvements, according to C-G junior Emily Mueller.

Another noteworthy aspect of the season was the camaraderie between the girls.

“I joined the team because I previously heard that the girls who were on it were one of a kind,” Lyne said. “Every single one of them is so kind, super helpful, and very respectful. I’m only a sophomore so I have only known them for two years now, but they are like family to me.”

The close-knit nature of the team helped to create the highlight of Lyne’s season.

“My favorite moment from the season was after I finished my second round at state,” she said. “My whole team, parents, coaches, were there watching me. I played decently, but I was a little disappointed in my placing. But they were all there for me to give me a big hug, and that’s really all I could ask for.

“We were one of the only teams there that had the whole team there supporting one representative from their team. It’s amazing what my team and coaches did for me. They are always there for me.”

Mueller agreed that the best part of the year involved “becoming closer with my teammates, supporting the new golfers, and being able to practice this sport everyday.”

The season was not without individual and team challenges, though.

“The whole year I was changing my swing with my coaches outside of the team,” Lyne said. “So I was really working hard each day and trying to get my swing back to where it was freshman year.” Last year, she placed third at state, but said the competition was tougher this season. That was what made it a challenging year at the team level as well.

“We were never really all on our A game” at the same time, Lyne said. “We needed that to make it to state as a team. But the competition has really gotten stronger. We would have all needed to play lights out in order to make it as a team. But overall, our coaches are amazing, and we are a very close team. We tried to work past the challenges and hopefully we will make it next year.”