Volleyball team follows hearts to regionals

Ari Rozhon, Staff Writer

It’s Tuesday night, and tension is in the air. As the final ball is set, everyone holds their breath in anticipation. The volleyball flies over the net and smacks onto the opposite court. Cheering erupts in the stands. The scoreboard blares out the final score: 22-16. Once again, C-G varsity volleyball takes the win.

Yet another amazing volleyball team rise to play for Cary-Grove, and it’s no longer a surprise to watch the team fight their way to victory. In the midst of the competition, you realize that the team on the court are much more than just a talented group of individuals.

“People don’t realize how close you get with the other players,” senior Emily Schuster said. “These girls are my family.”

It is obvious that the team isn’t just admirable because of technique but also because they play with their heart. Not a single person on the court goes unnoticed, and not a play goes by without the team erupting with cheers.

One of the talented freshman on the team, Jenna Splitt, admitted that it took some getting used to the team, being one of the youngest. Luckily, one of the upperclassmen, Amber Olsen, took her under her wing.

“We always cheer each other on in warm-ups, and the atmosphere is always welcoming,” Splitt said. It seems that no matter the place or time, the C-G varsity volleyball team manages to grow into more of a family every day.

As regionals rapidly approach, every fan in the stands is crossing their fingers in hopes that the run of talent and luck continues.

“The season is going fantastic,” said Mrs. Langanis, who has coached for 23 seasons. “The team is improving every week and believing in themselves.” Already, she has been scouting out other teams for future competition. Warren High School seems to be the the most intimidating competitor so far. When expressing her thoughts about regionals, Mrs. Langanis demonstrated confidence in her team.

“We’re very young,” she said. “And we’re all playing positions that are unfamiliar, but we are doing very well.” It’s evident that no matter where the players are, they always give their best effort. It seems that C-G volleyball is a tight-knit family off-court, and a force to be reckoned with on-court.

Whether it’s listening to Taylor Swift on bus rides home, surviving tough practices, or spending time together before the game, the Cary-Grove varsity volleyball team is always there for each other. With the upcoming regional playoff games looming over our heads, it’s a relief to know that the game with be played by not just a group of teammates, but a close family.

“Play with your heart and do what you want to do,” Schuster said. With all the girls playing with their hearts, it’s comforting to know that the fate of the 2017-2018 volleyball team will be in capable hands.