Depth surfaces in 41-14 win over Gators

When separating good teams from the very good, one shouldn’t just look at team record and scores. While those factors weigh heavily in the equation, you can’t forget to look at other aspects, such as depth.

Friday’s senior night win, the final regular-season home game of the year, showcased the depth of our football team even more than the last couple of weeks.

Though it was on our turf, the Crystal Lake South Gators might have felt at home in the swamp our field became due to the rainy weather. This didn’t seem to affect the Trojans, however, as they won 41-14, improving to 5-2 on the season.

Danny Daigle and Max Skol, both still injured from the Huntley game, were joined on the sidelines this week by last week’s star, Max Buss. Buss hurt his shoulder late in the last game and missed this week because of it.

But despite missing three stars, the Trojans showed their depth with players like Ben Ferrell, Michael Boyd and Blake Skol continuing to step up and play like winners.

“It shows the resilience that we have,” Coach Seaburg said. “We have some hard-working kids, and we also have some pretty smart kids, too. To be able to do that shows a lot.”

With the win over the Gators, the Trojans went 4-0 at home this season, a stat worthy of a little bragging by C-G fans.

“We love playing here, obviously,” Coach Seaburg said. “You have to try and win every regular-season game you can so you can extend the amount of home games you have in the playoffs.”

With two regular-season games remaining, fans have to be excited for the playoff run these Trojans can put together. If these emerging players are joined by a healthy Buss, Skol, and Daigle, or any one of them for that matter, they will be nearly unstoppable.

As mentioned in previous game reports, this team is hungry. Coach Seaburg has said it. This team has shown it.

The only fans that should be worried are the ones over at PR and Huntley. They’re going to have a whole new Trojan team coming at them in a short time.