Buss’s 4 TDs lead Trojans to Homecoming victory

Any Cary-Grove student will tell you that one of the greatest moments of every year is leaving the homecoming week pep rally to the blaring sound of “Go You Trojans” coming from the band. As if the week’s festivities and anticipation for an exciting saturday doesn’t pump everyone up already, the loud song definitely gets the job done.

Homecoming games are irregular. Many alumni and former teammates return home, hoping to see their Trojans win. Festivities both before and after, such as the parade and dance, add even more excitement to gameday, not to mention the unusual daytime natural light that replaces the electric lights of Friday night.

There is obviously many things different about homecoming football than the rest of the regular season. How does it affect our Trojans?

“Playing on Saturdays, it’s a big difference,” Coach Seaburg said post-game. “We play a lot of our games in the playoffs on Saturdays, so it’s not bad to have a rehearsal for that.”

Well, if this game was a rehearsal for the playoffs, no one should be worried about the real show. The Trojans defeated Dundee-Crown 49-22, with a 35-0 first half. Most of D.C.’s points came late in the game, when the Trojans decided to use the large win as an opportunity to play some JV players that suit up for varsity every week, but don’t often get into the fight.

“Any time you can get most of the team in there, it’s a good win and it’s a good day,” Coach Seaburg said. “We like to get as many kids in as possible.”

Trojans Max Skol and Danny Daigle both watched this one from the sidelines, still nursing injuries from last week’s loss to Huntley. However, no worries about the effect of these stars’ absence lasted long past kickoff, as Max Buss led a team of Trojans stepping up to fill Daigle and Skol’s spots. Buss had an excellent game, scoring four TDs.

“I’ve always tried to prepare for this day,” Buss said. “I knew Max could get hurt, and Danny had shoulder problems over the summer. We just knew anything could happen, and we prepared for this.”

This week, the Trojans will play their final regular-season home game of the year against Crystal Lake South. With another Saturday matchup in South Elgin, and then a significant battle between the Trojans and Crystal Lake Central, everyone is wondering about the state of the Trojan injuries.

“Hopefully I’ll be back soon,” Skol said post-game. “It could be as soon as next week.”

As players like Buss continue to excel, and with a return of some injured stars hopefully in the forecast, the Trojans look good heading into the final weeks of the season.

Of course, after the homecoming football game, especially a win like this, everyone looks towards the dance a few short hours later. Those near the alumni building post-game could see the Trojans in a big huddle by the track, with a senior or two in the middle talking to the team.

They were reminding their teammates about their code of conduct. That night, more than ever, they needed to make sure no one forgot it and ended up regretting it while watching the team from the bleachers in these final weeks.

This team is determined. They all want another chance at Prairie Ridge. They all want another chance at Huntley. But they can only do it as a team, set on defeating everyone in their way of a state championship. That’s determination. That’s winning, both on field and off it.