C-G steamrolls way to third win in a row

Lately, Cary-Grove football fans only feel bad for two things: the last three opponents and the cheerleaders who have done about a thousand touchdown celebration push ups in the last three weeks.

The FVC steamroller, known more commonly as the last three weeks of Trojans varsity football, has flattened McHenry, Hampshire, and Jacobs, in that order.

A strong case can be made that Friday’s game against Jacobs was C-G’s best offensive game of the year thus far. Max Skol started the offensive clinic with a bang, a lengthy run that scored a touchdown in the very first Trojan offensive play.

Skol, a senior fullback and defensive back, and Danny Daigle, a junior running back and defensive back, both had themselves a night under the bright lights, scoring five and two TDs, respectively.

The Trojans paired their great running with quality defense as well. Daigle made another highlight play with a huge pick in the second. Senior Ben Ferrell left the game after a head injury in the first quarter, then came back in the second and made a outstanding catch that led to a Daigle TD two plays later.

“We had all four aspects of our game tonight,” Skol said, acknowledging that it was the best offensive game of the season. “All of our running backs, quarterbacks running the ball, passing the ball, we did well. I mean, all those combined is just a great job.”

Of course, none of this would have happened without the brick wall that is the Trojans offensive line. Brett Groves, a senior lineman, has been one of C-G’s best players all season. While it may not always be seen, every play the Trojans score is partly due to Groves or his fellow linemen’s consistently outstanding blocking. It makes windows for exceptional players like Skol, Daigle, and starting QB Quinn Priester, to name a few.

Post-game, Groves smiled at the mention of Mr. Olsen’s announcements when a killer block leads to a touchdown, to help everyone recognize how important the block was to the play.

“Those guys don’t often get a lot of recognition,” he said, laughing, “so it’s always nice to get that shoutout.”

Next week, our Trojans face their hardest opponent since PR, Huntley, at their field. The two teams are tied for second in the FVC with a 3-1 record. However, as always, Coach Seaburg didn’t seem worried when asked about this next week, and the weeks to follow.

“We are working to win a state championship,” Coach Seaburg said. “That’s our goal every year. You can’t win a state championship if you don’t win tomorrow. We’re trying to get better every single day.”

The secret to the recent success?

“Executing and reacting,” Groves said, without hesitation. “They adjusted, we adjusted, it worked out well.  We just have to keep doing that throughout the season.”