Pommies season finishes at 5, 6, 7 state

This past season, the Cary-Grove Poms took another trip to State. With a pretty inconsistent season, the team didn’t know what to expect. “We couldn’t just think that we we’re going to make it, because this is different from what we usually do” Natalie Novak said. But “watching other teams and how much we’ve improved the whole season, I had a feeling at sectionals that we were going to make it”.

Their competition scores have been all over the board, ranging from being in the top, to being estimated to be at the bottom. “We never had a performance where we thought ‘Oh my God, we did so good’. We were either going to hit it or we weren’t, and after performing at sectionals, it was the best feeling ever” said Captain Megan Emma. Sectionals was one of the harder competitions for them, especially since Grant High School is known for always advancing.

The girls found that, although they may have not made it to the second day, they were still extremely proud of themselves and how much they achieved throughout the year. When asking what they would do differently if they could do it over, Emma said “I honestly don’t think I would change anything just because this is our first year doing lyrical and we got a lot farther than I thought we would and I think we did a good job. I loved it this year and I had a good time. I wouldn’t trade it for the world”.

As their season comes to a close, tryouts are actually right around the corner for them for next year. So what is it like exactly to be a pommie? Behind the glitter and and eyeshadow?

“It’s very time consuming. You really need to commit.” said Emma. Junior Genna Oppasser adds that “I have gotten to know every girl on here that I probably wouldn’t be friends with had I not tried out. It’s a great experience getting to know twenty-three other girls. You become close with people you never thought you’d be close with.”

The poms have given it their all this year and it is safe to say that not only are they proud of themselves, but CG is too.