Captain’s Corner: Michael Arenburg (soccer)


Jessica Bender

Michael Arenburg bursts onto the field during the Homecoming soccer game.

Thomas Conneen, Staff Writer

Q: What is your favorite class at Cary-Grove?

A: My favorite subject at C-G right now has to be sociology! it’s a fun and interesting class.

Q: Who is the most influential people in your life that helped to get where you are in soccer?

A: There are multiple people that have influenced me greatly but I would have to say that my two brothers, CJ and Matt, and my parents as well have had the most impact on my soccer career.

Q: How did you get into soccer?

A: The first ball I played with was a soccer ball, and with my two older brothers playing soccer as well, I just grew up around it and fell in love with it.

Q: What trait do you feel you are an example of when you are captain?

A: A leader, friend, teammate, problem solver.

Q: What is your biggest priority as captain?

A: Picking the team up, when their down. Simply just being the best leader I can be not only on the field but off as well. And literally leading by example.


Q: What was your favorite moment while playing soccer at C-G?

A: Definitely winning regionals in penalty kicks and giving Coach his first regional title and C-G their first since 2004!

Q:  What other clubs or activities do you do?

A: I am on the board for student council and Interact!

Q: What makes the sport of soccer so special?

A: I think that soccer is a very special sport because it teaches kids so many different things that are helpful growing up! I have learned so much from playing soccer, a lot of which I have taken with me off the field and used in my everyday life. I think that all sports are special and important in their own way, but soccer is a sport that kids can take on at a young age easier than other sports, which is why most of us have at one point in their life played soccer. It’s a very universal sport which is another reason why the sport is so special.