Trojans ready to bring the heat at Glenbard West

Jamie Pressley, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 21st, at Glenbard West, the Cary-Grove Trojans plan on bringing the heat for a chilly IHSA state semifinal game.

Glenbard West offers a formidable challenge, but the Trojans feel ready to answer it.

“I feel like the work we put in, in the off season and the summer as a team, helped create a good bond within our team and helped us play as a team and play for each other,” senior offensive lineman Ross Bernier said. “When it comes down to it, the reason we are in the playoffs and have been for 12 years in a row, is how hard we work in practice during the week and how hard our coaches push us and expect out of us really helps us prepare and make the games easier.”

Despite the time they’ve put in on the field and the track record of success the team has had, the players don’t take anything for granted with the stakes as high as they are in the playoffs.

“Playing different teams we haven’t played before is a challenge,” Bernier said. “Playing a team you have never played before, you kind of know to expect because of film study, but you never really know how good a team that you never have played is. That’s what makes the playoffs so intense.”

Cary-Grove is known for their discipline in sticking to their game plan and their strong work ethic throughout the football season. This is a team that is ready to work together and help their teammates improve. They were determined to make it into the playoffs and now they’re focusing on making it to state.

“I believe the way we practice is unlike many other teams because our philosophy is unique,” senior running back Robbie Gleeson said. “Everything we do is planned in advance. What I mean by that is everybody knows what they need to do for practice; everybody has their own job. This allows us to maximize practice time, not having to wait for guys to get from place A to B. This also allows us to have more time to go over the little things that make all the difference.”

The team’s focus during practices is a direct result of the work of the coaches, whose consistent leadership is likely what has the team perennially in the playoffs.

“During our practices our coaches [focus] on the small details that many other teams may overlook and, in my opinion, that is what sets us apart from other teams and why we’re still competing,” Gleeson said. “I’d advise the younger players to play all four years of their high school careers. They’ve been some of the best for me and I know I can say the same for the other seniors on the team.”

The Trojans are jumping at the amazing chance to go to state once again, and the community is ready to support them as they play to the best of their abilities throughout the playoffs and have a great time in the process.