Trojans prepared for Benet’s challenge

Cary-Grove’s football team will take on Benet Academy in round two of the playoffs on Saturday, November 7th, at C-G. The players aren’t taking anything for granted, but they’re approaching the game focused and prepared.

“I feel like we’ve given it our all this season,” said Garrett Ostlund, a sophomore defensive and offensive lineman who was brought up to the varsity level for playoffs. “We’ve given it everything we’ve got and I feel we are well prepared for playoffs.”

“Our chances to get to state I feel is the same every year,” said Keith McCowan, a senior defensive and offensive lineman.  “It isn’t about how much talent you have, it’s about how much heart you have and your passion for the game. Your willingness to put everything you have and your teammates have into football is what will get us to state.

“Although, the greatest challenge we face is overcoming the adversity. The season is long and it takes a toll on your body. I feel that staying healthy is probably the number one challenge,” McCowan said.

“One of our main goals this week is to make the fewest amount of mistakes as possible because we can’t afford any,” said junior defensive back David Daigle. “We are playing bigger and stronger teams so we really have to focus at practice, in the weight room and when executing our assignments.

“All of us have to be on the same page and play as a team. I plan on getting better and executing my job to help the team achieve our overall goal of winning this week. I feel we can improve on not turning the ball over, making use of every opportunity we have to score, or shutting them down on defense,” Daigle said.

The Trojans are hungry for another chance at state. The team encourages fans to stick with them throughout the playoffs and be just as loud as the magnificent playoff band.