After first loss, Trojans stay focused on future

Jamie Pressley, Staff Writer

In the Trojans’ varsity football game against Huntley on September 25th, the Trojans took their first loss. The Trojans were 4-0 going into that game and it was said to be the game of the season. After their first loss, the team was anxious to improve their skills and be the best they could be.

“We can improve on a lot of things: our blocking, our pass coverage, our tackling and just about every aspect of the game,” Coach Seaburg said. “Not necessarily because we lost but these are just things we could always improve on every week.”

The Trojans received a win by default against McHenry, which is closed for a teachers’ strike, but plan on learning from their game against Huntley and using that experience to stay vigorous throughout their season. Only time will tell how their season goes, but they believe they could make a strong appearance in the playoffs.

“We have to focus on our games one team at a time,” sophomore linebacker Max Skol said. “We have to keep beating them week by week, each week coming out stronger than before. We have to be willing to work hard and develop a good work ethic to keep coming out on top.”

Last year’s team had a dominant run deep into the playoffs, only to lose in a close game at the state championship. The seniors on the team that graduated last year will have a continuous effect on the Trojans.

Players that graduated after last season like Michael Gomez, Scott Topole and Trevor Ruhland, who had stepped up as leaders, highlighted what the Trojans were truly capable of.

“This year a lot of our younger players have stepped up, putting extra time and energy into making our team the best we could be,” senior cornerback Sean Cullen said.

The Trojans are starting this year off eager to play and with an optimistic attitude. Using every positive attribute they can, they hope to play to their full potential this season. They have plans to make it into playoffs with their players already hard at work and, of course, with the help of their fans.