Poms close their season with another trip down to State

Sydney Fritts, Staff Writer

As they wrap up the season, the Poms take another go at State. Last year, they went to State but unfortunately did not make it past the first day. They faced more challenges last year as well. “We had a transition of coaches. Our first coach left us in the middle of the year.” However, one of their stronger assets was, “having a consistent coach that was able to help as well as getting help from other people” said Senior Captain Jaclyn Walters. Adding to that, Junior Co-Captain Megan Emma said they “had a larger team and a choreographer who actually made the routine”.

Having eight more girls this year was a challenge for the two coaches, but they managed to get the job done very successfully. The girls received support from external sources as well as from themselves. “Everyone has such a great work ethic and is always going to do the best that they can” Jaclyn continued.

They have great team chemistry, partaking in things like team sleepovers and pasta parties.  Unfortunately though, this year at State, history repeated itself and the girls did not make it to the second day. It may not be the ending that they had hoped for, but they should still be proud of themselves for the progress that they made. “There’s been tears, laughter, and everything else but that’s what makes a team”, concluded Jaclyn and Megan.