Wrestlers build character, winning record

Michael Hawker, Staff Writer

Wrestling for Cary Grove has a bright future this year.

“The team this year has had a really strong start,” said head coach Mr. Ludwig after the team’s win over Crystal Lake Central, which was ranked eighth in the state in 2A.

The team’s record isn’t the only focus for the wrestlers, however. They also use the sport as a way to develop their skills and themselves.

“There is no losing at Cary Grove — only winning and learning,” Diego Fonseca said.

Ty Bergeson echoed that sentiment, saying “Winners and losers don’t matter.” Even so, each player gave it their all and tried to win their match.  In varsity,  the team watched the center mat as the lights beamed down, hoping to gain insights by watching their teammates. They know that even small adjustments to their technique can lead to victory or defeat.

“No matter how small or big a person is, you can always win or lose,” said varsity wrestler Matt Hughes. The players want to make the most of their time on the mats because it goes quickly.Wrestling is something that most of the players will remember from their past to implement into their lives later

Varsity wrestling is “something you will have to look back at, and being on the varsity team feels more professional,” Ryan Rinda said. The reaction of most wrestlers was that it builds a better self, it makes you stronger, smarter, you take out life lessons, and you build character when you step onto the mat.

“When you realize that once you’re able to break, you can take yourself to another level,” Kevin Beers, the varsity assistant coach, said. “You make a better version of yourself.”