Hockey team looks past record to improvements in play

Sydney Fritts, Staff Writer

It’s been a difficult season for the hockey team thus far, as they sit with a 1-17 record. As has been said, however, winning isn’t everything, and the team this year has absolutely shown it.

Team captain Chad Boyd can look past the overall record to highlight some of the team’s successes, and also what they’re hopeful for moving forward.

Boyd said he is seeing results from “coming together as a team, and just the basic skills and fundamentals that we’ve been really working hard on. Endurance, general strength and training.

“We’ve gotten a lot stronger as a team. We’re starting to take the body a lot more, so a lot bigger hits. You know, intimidating teams.

“We’re coming together as a team and by the second half of the tournament we’ll be ready to play some good hockey.”

They have been achieving a lot more than what meets the eye, because so much of this training and development happens between games. If Boyd has his way, however, the results will start showing up on the ice soon.

“As a team, I’d like to see more confidence and being able to win a game,” he said. “Especially when we’re behind. We’ll get scored on, maybe it’ll be 3-0, and spirits kind of fall, so as a team I think we can correct that. That way we can keep winning.”