Bieber’s new songs have real ‘Purpose’


Many people know Justin Bieber from his recent, not-so-flattering run-ins with law enforcement. Yet, Bieber has persevered through even a petition of deportation, and is still making new music today. His latest album, Purpose, was released on November 13, 2015. This is the 4th studio album the Canadian-born singer has produced.

Now I don’t usually enjoy pop music, but there was so much talk about his new songs being so great that I just had to check them out.  Popular consent on Bieber has been, for the majority of his career, negative.  His first album, My World, was a huge hit.  So much so that his producers decided to make four other albums (My World 2.0, My Worlds, My Worlds: The Collection and My Worlds Acoustic) that revolved around the same concept.  So about a year into his career as a musician, he was already sinking.

Bieber has always had a fairly strong fan base, though many have tapered off in the past few years.  Purpose is bringing all the old fans back, though.  With this album, we are seeing a whole new side to the artist, a side that could possibly explain the inappropriate behavior he has been displaying.  Not only is the album filled with passionate emotions, but the beats that he drops are fairly original to his sound.

The song “Sorry” is particularly entertaining when examining the lyrics.  Stylistically, it brings originality to the “make-up” song category.  The lines, “I know you know that I/ Made those mistakes maybe once or twice/ And by once or twice I mean/ Maybe a couple hundred times” are some of my favorite in the song.  Not only are they pretty hilarious, but they show a kind of maturity that Bieber has been lacking for the past couple of years.

One of the obvious differences in Bieber’s sound is the EDM (electronic dance music) influence.  For this album, Bieber collaborated with a famous DJ known as Jack Ü.  He helped to create the song “Where Are Ü Now,” which has heavy electronica influences.  His other songs, including the most popular off the album “What Do You Mean,” have some electronica and EDM influences as well.

Although Bieber has been caught with less charming songs, such as “Dr. Bieber,” his new album could possibly mean that things are going to change for this pop star.