How do we fill our time during lockdown?


Aleks Ritter, Staff Writer

Many students have used this quarantine to get things they have been meaning to do done. But what are you supposed to do once you get them done and summer — and further weeks of lockdown — creeps up on us in the next week?

With travel plans, concerts, sports, and other activities canceled for the foreseeable future, students have fewer and fewer things to do to fill their time over the summer. That has pushed some of them to try new hobbies to pass the time.

Some of these hobbies are familiar ones, such as picking up a new video game, like Animal Crossing. A student who started playing the game during lockdown described its appeal for her: “It looks gay and fun, and I am gay, but I also want to be fun.”

Other students are branching out into more uncharted territory with their new activities. One student said that this quarantine has brought so much drama into his house that he plans to write a book.

”I have more family drama than the Kardashians, so this summer I may make a book filled with it, and hopefully, I’ll have enough money to pay for therapy,” he said.

Junior Jessi Hyde has taken her creative outlet to the next level during lockdown. She created a Google Classroom crocheting club that you can join using the code “mqc4uml” (you will need to use a personal account, not your school one). She and one of her friends post crochet videos, tutorials and patterns as well as their finished patterns.

Hyde created the Classroom “just to be able to share ideas with other people that want to do some crocheting. It’s an easy way of finding some cool projects to do. Since we are all pretty bored at home, I thought people would have more time for something like crocheting. 

“It is really easy and fun, and I learned how from YouTube in one day. It’s something anyone can do. The best thing about crocheting is that you make things that are useful, and that gives you a sense of accomplishment.” Hyde has been crocheting for two years, and so far she has made a facemask and an American Girl doll dress. 

“After quarantine is over I will for sure continue this google classroom club, as crocheting is easy to do during the school year as well,” Hyde said. “There will most likely be a huge amount of videos and such on the Google Classroom by then. If anything, it will be easier to do after quarantine since people will be able to buy supplies.” 

While your quarantine hobby may not turn into a passion you pursue after lockdown is lifted, it’s still a way to develop some skills and knowledge while passing the time until normal life resumes. 

Other students are gardening, making baskets out of newspapers, embroidering, reading, making face masks for friends and family, baking/cooking, making chartreuse boards, binge-watching 90 Day Fiance, learning how to skateboard, meditating — the list goes on. With all of these new things to try, there’s no excuse for being bored during lockdown!

Well, at least most of the time. Let’s be honest — this is pretty boring.