Carson Gourdie’s week 7 fantasy football advice

Hey, everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t give you guys my expert predictions for the previous week. My college essays were kicking my behind. But what is important is that I am back, and I am ready to help you win this week.






Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings, vs the New York Jets:

Cousins and his wide receivers have been dynomite this season, already putting up two 400 yard passing games. Against this inconsistent Jets team that struggles to defend the pass, expect Cousins to shred up the Jets and get at least 20 points.


Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars, vs Houston Texans:

Blake is a terrible NFL QB who is lucky he had a great Fiesta Bowl in his final year in college. Having said that, he has shown glimpses of greatness, and I believe he will be able to put together a strong performance Sunday against the Texans to end their losing streak.


Tom Brady, New England Patriots, vs Chicago:

“Carson, the Bears have Mack. Brady is 87 years old.” Ya, whatever. Brady is still the GOAT and is capable of putting up huge numbers at virtually anytime. Chicago looked alarming bad against Miami last week, so it is not crazy to assume that New England won’t do the same. If Brady’s offensive line can hold off a pass rush, New England will score at least 28 points.




Alex Smith, Washington Redskins, vs Dallas:

Smith is a fantastic game manager, but I believe he is running into Dallas at the wrong time. Also, add in the fact that Smith lacks viable playmakers, I don’t think he will get anything going against this Dallas team that is good at keeping the fantasy numbers of QBs low.


Drew Brees, New Orleans, vs Baltimore:

I love, love, love Baltimore’s defense this season. They have shut down opposing offenses all season long with a great pass rush and clutch defense. This past season, Brees has registered a couple duds, so don’t be surprised if the Saints run Karama a little more than usual to jumpstart the offense this weekend.


Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers, vs Philadelphia:

Newton is usually good for a 20 point game, but I just have a gut feeling about this one. Playing at Philadelphia, a hostile environment, against an Eagles that has only allowed two 20 points games all year to QBs, sitting Cam would probably be a smart decision. It is also worth noting that Newton has turned over the ball three times in the past two weeks.




Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay, vs Cleveland:

The rebuilding Browns have taken a step back after a hot start, starting to show signs of a mediocre defense. Giving up 38 points to the Chargers and 45 points to the Raiders is just not acceptable. With Winston registering a 29 point game last week while still trying to get his feet wet for the 2018 season, this seems like a perfect time for Winston to build his confidence and utilize his weapons to a high scoring victory over the Browns.


Running Backs




Saquon Barkley, New York Giants, vs Atlanta:

I used to talk trash about this man all of the time, saying that he is really only good for one big play a game and underperformed at Penn State. I thought that would translate to the NFL. I was wrong. This kid is fast, strong, and is so versatile. Playing against this putrid Atlanta defense, I would be shocked if Barkley doesn’t score at least 18 points in a NON PPR league against them.


David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals, vs Denver:

Johnson, the former golden child of fantasy football, has taken a step back after suffering a bad injury. Still, that doesn’t mean he still can’t put up absurd numbers. His competition this week, Denver, has been dominated by opposing running games all year, giving up around 650 rushing yards the last three weeks. With Rosen so young and desperately needing wins, I envision that the Cardinals ride Johnson all day long against this terrible Denver team.  


Kareem Hunt, Kansas City, vs Cincinnati:

While Patrick Mahomes gets all of the love, Kareem is quietly racking up points left and right. Playing with such a high powered passing offense, Kareem should be able to get his fair share of points against a Cincinnati team that is vulnerable to giving up yards and points.  




Sony Michel, New England, vs Chicago:
Even though he shares the screen time with James White, Sony has established himself as the top dog in New England. Yet, even though I believe Brady will shred the Bears, I do not think Michel will get any space to running. Chicago has only allowed double digit points to one running back so far this season.


Matt Breida, San Francisco, vs the Los Angeles Rams:

While Matt hasn’t lit up the fantasy scoreboard, he has been fairly consistent so far, even with the absence of Jimmy G, who has been ruled out for the rest of the season. Breida, though, will finally bottom out against the Rams, who will stack the box to dare Beathard to throw the ball downfield.


Adrian Peterson, Washington Redskins, vs Dallas:

Peterson’s magical run of playing like he was 25 again is over. Forever. Peterson just cannot find the open hole and is struggling to break away from defenders. Against a Dallas defense that shut down Jacksonville’s run game, Peterson will register another game with 9 points or less.


Wild Card:


Carlos Hyde, Cleveland Browns, vs Tampa Bay:

Hyde has been on my start list every week I’ve published this article, and he has been meh. But, even though he has struggled the past two weeks, I just have a gut feeling that is is possible it breaks out of slump to get a high scoring game thanks to a terrible Tampa Bay defense that just fired its defensive coordinator.


Wide Receiver




Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons, vs New York Giants:

Do you know Julio still has no TDs this year? That is insane. Still, he has put up his fair share of yards, having a season low of just 62 yards. The Giants seem like a team on the verge of collapse while Atlanta desperately needs to jump start its season that had looked like a Super Bowl contender. I envision Ryan hooking up with Jones quite a lot, even if it doesn’t mean TDs, in a good win over New York.


Albert Wilson, Miami Dolphins, vs Detroit:

Pick this man up. Nobody knows who he is, but Brock Osweiler loves him. Last week against the Bears, he scored 27 points in a non PPR league, which is insane. With Brock at helms while Tannehill recovers, expect Albert to get a lot of love in a crucial out-of-conference game.  




Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati, vs Kansas City:

I know the Kansas City defense got blasted against the Patriots. Still, prior to this game, the Chiefs were making some serious progress and I expect them to come out angry, taking it out against the Bengals. Boyd has been great so far this season, but I expect him to have an off game due to Andy Dalton struggling.


Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans, vs Los Angeles Chargers:

I drafted Davis in my draft, expecting him to breakthrough after a rough rookie season. I have not been proven right yet. Although Davis has the makings of a being a big name, Mariota’s lack of development is hurting the entire team, and I predict that to occur another week against the Chargers.


Wild Card:

Odell Beckham, Jr., NYG, vs Atlanta:

OBJ is frustrated, and I don’t blame him. He is stuck with a terrible, washed up QB that has held OBJ back for years. But that doesn’t mean OBJ still can’t make a huge difference. Playing this terrible, no good defense, OBJ should be able to shred the Falcons as long as Eli can have time in the pocket.






Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis

The Bills as a team are very bad. They also give up a lot of points. However, they are great at forcing turnovers, and fantasy owners should be very excited that the Bills get to face Andrew Luck this week, who has already thrown eight interceptions this season.


San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans:

The Chargers aren’t a powerhouse, per se, but the Titans are just that bad. Mariota has been ridiculously lackluster so far, and his “weapons” aren’t exactly helping either.




Chicago Bears vs New England:

Being a Bears fan is exciting. They have a great young QB and a stellar defense that has shown glimpses of the 1985 Bears. Just curb your enthusiasm for this week. Knocking the snot out of Russell Wilson and Ryan Fitzpatrick is one thing, but Tom Brady is a whole ‘nother animal. Keep in mind, the Bears got manhandled by Brock Osweiler last week. Please consider benching Chicago for just this week.


Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia:

Carson Wentz finally looks like himself, and Panthers owners should be terrified. Besides a 4 interception performance against the Bengals, the Panthers have struggled forcing turnovers, which could be deadly against the defending Super Bowl champs.


Wild Card:


Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo:

To be honest, this is 100 percent on Buffalo’s ability and their recent decision to start career backup Derek Anderson. This game’s final score might be 6-3.