Senior Galanos creates skateboard rack for CG students


Everyday, Cary-Grove students do amazing things. Some are very much recognized, like student athletes and choir students, while others’ accomplishments remain in the shadows.

One such student is senior Tyler Galanos. Recently he has crafted a rack for students who skateboard and longboard to school to store their boards, which is kept in the front office.

Galanos explained that he began working on the project at the beginning of the semester. When it’s warm, he said there are a few students who skateboard or longboard to school. While the demand for a skateboard rack wasn’t extremely high, the need was there.

Galanos was approached by the deans to create the longboard/skateboard rack, and was given the assignment by Woods teacher Mr. West.

“In Woods III you’re required to make a project for the school, and the deans came to me and asked if I could build them something for skateboards and I whipped up that piece of work,” he said. “They came to me with the idea because of my skills.

“I like to think of it in a contractor way,” he said.

Woods III is the highest level in woodworking courses and is a class designed for students who want to pursue advanced woodworking that could possibly lead to employment. The District 155 Course Selection Guide says: “The important and more common operations of power tools such as the circular saw, saber saw, jig saw, jointer, planer, drill press, sander, wood lathe, router and router attachments are thoroughly dealt with, stressing safety for their uses.”

Galanos has been surprised by the amount of positive feedback he has gotten.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect too much for this,” Galanos said. “I thought it was just a simple project. Student-wise, everyone is in shock that I made something the office and kids use often, and that it looks good. The office dwellers are super grateful on how it looks and all acknowledge me about it.”

Galanos said he very much enjoys working with his hands while building other interesting projects, which is the reason he joined Woods classes.

“It allows me to have fun in school and make stuff,” he said. “I am building baggo boards, two toy cars, a jeep plaque for my pop, a jewelry box for my mom, and a really nice cutting board, plus some more.”

Outside of school, Galanos works at Jewel and participates in activities such as wakeboarding and skateboarding. In the future, his postgraduate plans include attending Indiana State, studying business and marketing, and carrying his woodworking skills wherever he ends up.

“When I get my own home I want woods tools in there so I can construct stuff daily,” he said.