A look inside the pit of ‘Evita’

The Drama Department is donning their wigs, warming their voices, and putting on their most serious faces as they tackle the stamina-test opera that is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita. However, aside from the glittering and beautiful actors, there’s another type of performance just under the stage.

The pit orchestra is the unsung hero of every musical, playing for two hours straight in a dark, cramped room and receiving unseen applause from the cast and audience in return. It’s hard work for little praise (and some viewers think it’s just a cd).


“It’s crazy, but it’s so fun. It’s almost more fun than being on stage because it’s so much more like family,” said Charlotte Stefani, a freshman trombone player.

Just because someone is performing off stage doesn’t mean they’re not performing. Make sure to congratulate our fantastic band the next time you see a member.