Food review: The best of everything

Best Chicken Tenders: Mr. Beefy’s – Fox River Grove

I may or may not have a chicken tender obsession, but I can tell you out of all the different ones I’ve eaten, Mr. Beefy’s has the best. They’re cooked to order which is a great start. They are lightly covered in a golden-brown breading that has some seasonings in it which make it all the better. The chicken is a wonderful filet that’s hot and juicy. When all these great parts come together, it’s something I could eat several orders of. When you order the chicken tenders at Mr. Beefy’s, you also get steak fries, a small salad, and a piece of garlic bread; it’s definitely a great go-to if you want chicken tenders for lunch or diner or if you just want chicken.

Best Fried Chicken: Crandall’s Restaurant – Hebron

All you can eat fried chicken. If that wasn’t enough to sell it to you, this will. You want to get here early because it gets packed as the night goes on. The chicken is fried to perfection so the outside and golden and crispy, and the inside is juicy. Crandall’s also has great rolls, which are like cinnamon rolls, and a variety of homemade pies and cakes. But really, the chicken is the reason to go. You’re really missing out if you love fried chicken but don’t try Crandall’s at least once in your life.

Best Frozen Lemonade: Garibaldi’s Italian Eatery – Hoffman Estates

Besides having great food, Garibaldi’s has amazing frozen lemonade. It comes in a cup just as any drink would, but it’s not just any drink. The best way to describe it would probably be a lemonade slushie. It has the perfect balance of sweet and sour and leaves you craving more.

Best Sub Sandwiches: Algonquin Sub Shop – Algonquin

If you want a hearty sandwich that won’t leave you hungry, look no further. The Algonquin Sub Shop makes a variety of subs and fills them up with what you want. You can also get any sub hot here if you’d like. The meats they serve aren’t your typical processed lunch meat; it’s like it came straight off the bone. Their bread is also soft and awesome. If you’re looking for a step up from Subway or Jimmy John’s, Algonquin Sub Shop will deliver.

Best Steak: Beelow’s Steakhouse – Lake Zurich

Beelow’s is one of those places you go to for every special occasion. Once you try their steak, you get hooked. To start, they raise their own cattle right here in Illinois. You know the beef is going to be fresh, and that shows in the flavor and consistency. The steaks come out sizzling hot and so tender you can almost cut it with a fork. They’re cooked to perfection and taste just as perfect. Between the seasonings, the juiciness, and the tenderness, every bite is heavenly. Beelow’s is definitely the place to go for the freshest, best tasting steak in the area.