Four years of band: ‘The greatest memory of my high school career’

As the school year winds down and the firsts of many lasts begin, seniors start to look forward to life after high school. In the Band Department almost all concerts are complete: Wind Symphony and Concert Band performed last Wednesday, May 13, while Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and the Percussion Ensemble performed Monday, May 18. All in all, a time of reflecting and reminiscing on the best times that occurred in the many bands at CG.

Senior Kevin Wells has nothing but good things to say about band, as he has participated in every ensemble offered throughout his four years and never had a dull moment.

“I wanted to get involved and try something new and my parents said I could try it but they weren’t sure if I’d like it,” Wells said.  Whatever doubts they had, however, were soon eliminated because, ask anyone, band is just a great time.

“I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and band ended up being the greatest memory of my high school career,” he said. Some of the highlights of Wells’s experience with band include everything from practice to fun. Among the things he would miss the most, at the top of list were “practices with Whalen after school with Jazz Combo, and Friday night games.”

When Memorial Day rolls around the marching band always chooses next year’s Drum Majors and the time comes for the present leaders to pass on their wisdom and say goodbye. All three current Drum Majors are seniors this year: Kevin Wells, Maddy Wisniewski and Robin Olmsted, and it is safe to say that their departure is definitely bittersweet.

But even though all good things must come to an end, the marching band now gets to welcome its three new Drum Majors for the 2015-2016 school year: Jacob Limpus, Taylor Falconer and Colin Durlacher.