Comedy Club’s preparation is no joke

Cary-Grove has always been a place where students are able to express their talents and build onto those talents through the help of other students and staff. It’s apparent that Cary Grove is home to the most talented students who are willing to take their talents and put them forth for the enjoyment of others.

One such talent that our students provide is comedic relief for a rather long and exhausting school year. The Comedy Club provides us with an intriguing escape into the comedic arts. The skits embedded in the Comedy Club show will provoke side-pinching laughter that leaves you feeling more than satisfied all the way till curtain call.

However, this genius performance does not get thrown together in a day or so. Dedication and hard work are a necessity for the shows. Every Tuesday, the students involved will sit down for a writing session, in which the students will collaborate on ideas that will then be written into the show.

The performances happen twice a year, usually before winter break and prior to prom.

Neal Edwards, a senior who has been a part of the writing and performance staff for about two years, explained that the games they play during their writing sessions bring forth ideas for the skits.

This brain exercise, along with the writing sessions, are controlled by the leader of comedy club, Brennan White. White, a senior, provides an inspiring leadership role in making the comedy club enjoyable for all types of  people with all types of humor. According to Edwards, there’s a spot in comedy club for everyone, even those who believe they do not have any comedic talent.

“Everyone has something they are good at, or can provide for the show,” Edwards said. “We just help bring out those talents.”

Sometimes talent is brought out by unexpected circumstances, too. Edwards said one of the most exciting moments he experienced while being in comedy club was during a routine practice of the skits. Simultaneously, during a play held at the school, the fire alarm interrupted the performance, causing the cast, along with students and parents watching the performance, to gather in front of the school.

Comedy Club quickly jumped on the chance to perform for the crowd, who had been otherwise waiting aimlessly for the performance to begin again. The crowd of people willingly indulged in the performance of comedy. It truly was a great moment of improv.

C-G holds a great deal of pride in our students and their ability to perform talents. The Comedy Club contains a large portion of these talents. Bright people with unbelievable charisma, the students  involved with the club understand what it means to collaborate on ideas and perform for an audience of many different colors.

The next show is coming up soon. I recommend you find your way over to the performance and see for yourself the comedic genius which these students possess.