Renner and Rands “Say Something” through dance

Juniors Allie Renner and Luke Rands can both be seen in musical and Swing Choir, but the two also have some other dance outlets up their sleeves. The duo accompanied Bel Canto during the fall choir concert, dancing to the popular song “Say Something” by Great Big World while the choir provided the music.


The two had originally put together the duet for a “theatre performance about marriage and divorce, and how to keep your marriage healthy” at a church in the community. “[Willow Creek] asked Amy Krigas, our studio owner if she could get something together, so she talked to us, and we choreographed it and put it together”, says Rands. “They wanted it to the song ‘Say Something’…but we [choreographed] it together” the duo said in unison.


The two have been asked to perform their duet more than once. “It was performed at Luke’s church for the talent show that they had and then again at the fall concert” says Renner. The duo will also be performing their duet once more with Bel Canto at the Fox Valley Music Festival.


They have been dancing together for “two years”, says Renner. “Well, we kind of started, and then I got a concussion so we kind of stopped, but yeah, like two years”, laughed Luke.


Individually, both dancers have started taking classes at very different times in their lives. “I’ve been dancing since I was three” says Allie, “my parents got me started”. Luke, on the other hand, has only been “dancing for about three years, since right before [his] freshman year. I did gymnastics for a couple of years and then I transitioned to dance” he says.


Outside of dancing, Allie can be found running for the track team,while Luke admits to sticking to just music. “I’m pretty involved in my church, but do piano, and I sing, I take voice lessons, Allie does, too” Rands said about his partner. The two are good friends outside of their dancing and each are excited for what’s to come in their performing careers.