Fall one-act plays offer students a night out — literally

Cameron Iverson and Dylan Richards, Staff Writers

With fall season just beginning, we can finally say goodbye to the scorching summer, and hello to the chilly winter. Now that we have officially hit fall, it feels as if the school year is finally kicking into motion, and that means that C-G’s theater department is getting ready to do what it does best.

In a departure from tradition, this year the drama club is presenting a string of three different one-act plays rather than a single fall show. The one-act plays are a new experience for everyone at C-G.

The first play, Courtship, takes place during the 1920’s, the second one, The Midnight Crawler, takes place during the 1950’s, and the final one, The Person I Once Was, takes place during the 1980’s.

Without giving too much away, these plays have to do with a family member in an emerging relationship and a family member who tries to squash the relationship for selfish reasons. This cycle is repeated throughout the years, so this will give the audience a unique look into the change that can come about because of generational differences.

Another huge change for the actors and directors of the play is that it will be outdoors this year because of the reconstruction of the auditorium. Despite the fact that they only got one day to rehearse at the Trout Valley Lodge before opening night the next day, the actors are very excited for this change.

In addition to these major changes that the audience will be able to detect, there is also a significant change behind the scenes, because this production has two directors, Mrs. Whalen and Mrs. Sanders.

When doing something such as directing, where the control is in the director’s hands, it can be difficult to share that leadership with someone else. However, Mrs. Whalen was grateful for the help and influence that Mrs. Sanders brought to the table.

“It is great working with Mrs. Sanders,” Mrs. Whalen said. “We attack at similar areas of philosophy when it comes to theatre.”

Mrs. Sanders also had a lot to say about the venue they would be performing at. While there is the concern of performing in a new environment this year at the Trout Valley Lodge, Mrs. Sanders is looking past that and more towards the opportunity that each person gets from performing, or even watching as one of the audience members, in a new setting for a theatre performance.

Some of her excitement for performing outdoors this year can be traced to her love of the American Players Theatre, which takes place outdoors. Mixing the art of theater and the elements around the audience to create a show can make it all the more awe-inspiring.

Despite some obstacles that the directors and stars of the fall play face this year, they have brought nothing but enthusiasm and willingness into their mindset and are looking forward to an amazing series of small plays for this year’s performance.

Although they do not have an auditorium to perform in, the cast is ready to take on the beautiful space at the Trout Valley Lodge and create an outstanding rendition of their three one-act plays this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. With such an amazing cast and directors, these performances will not be ones to be missed.