C-G students join global protests

Our world seems to be spiraling into dissent and polarization all around us. Groups and organizations have been rising up out of the shadows to fight against the inequalities that are presented to us today. On January 21, women all around the globe gathered in major cities to protest for their rights.

Chicago held one of these Women’s Marches and the turnout was around 250,000 people. Among the men and women who attended, some of our very own C-G students were seen there.

Senior Steph Apitz was one of those who went down to Chicago to march for women’s rights.

Although women in America have equal civil rights, there is still a lot of sexual harassment that is going on. Apitz went to the march to stand up against this.

“I have been grabbed. I’ve been catcalled. Why am I accepting this treatment?” she said.

Apitz felt that even if the march didn’t produce immediate results, she still helped get a message across.

“If this is one small step I can do, I’m gonna do it,” she said.

Apitz emphasized the idea of unity and empowerment that the march sent. She acknowledged that there were some anti-Trump protests, but they weren’t the central focus of the rally.

The rally was held in Grant Park, and it was completely packed when the speeches started. The march in Chicago got so big that the group actually couldn’t march because there wasn’t enough time to get everyone through the streets.

Although some disagreed with the protests that took place, these marches still sent a powerful message of unity across the nations of our world. The fight for civil rights isn’t over in the world, and C-G students showed that they are prepared to stand up for equality.