Mrs. Saffert wins Vice Principal of the Year award


Our vice principal, Mrs. Saffert, recently won the Vice Principal of the Year award from the Kishwaukee chapter of the Illinois Principals Association.

The former math teacher and dean has been working at Cary-Grove for the past 23 years. She went to high school at Cary-Grove and chose to return to pursue a career in teaching.

Most people don’t know what the responsibilities of a vice principal are, but Mrs. Saffert has her hands in most aspects of our school. This includes scheduling—such as class sizes—prom, senior activities, building maintenance and creating seminars. She was also highly involved in decisions regarding the construction of our new auditorium.

“It was very humbling,” Mrs. Saffert said of the honor. “I never expected it. I do my job for the pleasure of helping people and not for looking for those outside congratulations, but it is very special that people saw what I do and know that I work hard at my job. It been nice because teachers have congratulated me because they know how hard I work.”

She has also been recognized with a Women of Distinction Award through McHenry County and the Northwest Herald for creating Parent University eight years ago.

“This award has brought recognition for some of what I do that some people might not have known. Because I don’t work with the students as much, a lot of people don’t know who I am,” Mrs. Saffert said.

“Being a dean and a teacher, you are with students so much more and, actually, that was one of the hardest decisions I had to make before becoming a vice principal. I went into this job because I love working with kids.”

Thank you for your dedication and time that you have spent bettering our school. You are extremely deserving of this award for everything that you do so our school runs smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that most people don’t know the woman behind it all. Keep up the amazing work!