GLI: local club, international focus

At Cary-Grove, students have a lot of options for extracurricular activities. Many of these are the clubs that we offer. A new club has been sparking interest throughout the school.

Girls Learn International (GLI) was started by senior Melanie Carbery. This club is what some would call an “international Interact.” Carbery was hopeful about positive feedback when first starting the club.

“We do a lot to help each other,” Carbery said of the giving community that is Cary-Grove. She saw potential in this and wanted to spread our love for service out even further than just our small community.

“GLI’s mission is to educate students,” Carbery said. The club studies developing countries and the problems that are affecting women and children in those countries. Although GLI is not connected to another specific organization in a developing country, Carbery hopes to get that connection ready for next year.

The club holds about four meetings a month and discusses specific topics each month. So far, the group has covered human trafficking and economic empowerment of women. During football season, students might have seen GLI handing out red ribbons to promote awareness for human trafficking.

Even though GLI is technically Girls Learn, the club is inclusive to everyone.

“The name is slightly misleading,” Carbery conceded. She said that the reason they kept that name was because this club is one that shows up all over the country and it was easiest to not change the name.

Carbery said there are a few boys in the club currently, but wants to encourage more to join in. The mission of GLI is to educate both male students and female students because some of the issues they discuss relate to both genders.

GLI’s next meeting will be this Friday in C17.