A minute change to gym bell system?


Alyssa Gurgone

Students file into C-G toward the end of their gym period. Particularly when gym classes are outside, some students are feeling rushed by the shortened five-minute bell.

Megan Sejud, Staff Writer

There’s a lot of talk in the locker rooms at C-G about the school’s shift from the use of the eight-minute to the five-minute bell. Last year, the PE department decided to shorten the allotted time for students to change out of their gym clothes.

According to Ms. Saffert, several factors tied into this decision.

“One, we were the only school that had eight minutes instead of five; two, students were getting dressed and still having time left and were then in the halls and gyms for a number of minutes before the bell rang; and third and the most important reason, we want kids engaged in PE as long as possible,” Ms. Saffert said.

The question that still remains: is five minutes enough time to change?

One, stated, “It’s enough time if the outside activities are in the locker room before the five minute bell rings,” sophomore Ashley Peldiak said. “Otherwise, five minutes is not enough time to change.”

Often, students coming in from the track or ultimate Frisbee find themselves hurriedly changing during a portion of their passing periods. Students are no longer prematurely crowding the halls, but they aren’t making it to class on time anymore, either.

The way schedules align, some people have to go across the entire school to get to their next class after gym. This tends to be something that takes nearly the entire passing period. If those students are spending extra time during the passing periods changing, they’ll be undoubtedly late.

Another new attribute of the five-minute bell is can be heard across the entire school. That feature is said to be unintentional and just how the new sound system works. At first, many students considered this annoying. However, a five-minute warning before the end of class seems to have quickly grown on the student body.

“I like it because I don’t know the schedule on Mondays, and it warns the teachers that the period is almost over so they don’t overestimate how much time they have left,” sophomore Lauren Felleson said.

Pros and cons surround the five-minute bells. Extra gym time or being on time to class? Annoying or convenient reminder? It’s up to the individual decide whether or not the five-minute bell is a positive addition to student life at Cary-Grove.