Mr. Sargeant: Students “aren’t going to see” effects of 10 percent budget cut

Many changes have been made at Cary-Grove in the past year, and now the administration is adding another one. The school has decided to cut back on its budget by 10 percent. While this may seem like a small number, in terms of finance, it is actually quite large.

“We had a budget of about $770,000 that was spread out for a variety of different expenses, from individual departments to travel budgets,” Mr. Sargeant said. He had to cut back about $70,000 from that original budget. Now, instead of keeping a budget in every single separate department, it is kept at the building level as a whole.

“We will just take from that fund instead, otherwise it becomes surplus money that would have been used for bonus things in their respective departments,” Mr. Sargeant said.

He said the school has been able to cut back successfully without hurting any programs. There will be changes, but they will be minor. For instance, not passing out t-shirts at freshman orientation saves a whopping $3,000.

“The kids aren’t going to see any significant difference in what we provide for them this year,” Mr Sargeant said. Moving forward, since printing so much paper can definitely add up to be expensive, students can expect to see more chromebooks and online homework or notes that will replace the packets we get in class.

“Is it really necessary to hand out packets to every single kid in class? Probably not,” Mr. Sargeant said. “It won’t be that much of a difference.”

Despite the seemingly significant cuts, it appears nothing too drastic is going to happen.