Cary-Grove: Home to Illinois’ funniest girl

At state competition this past weekend, one of Cary-Grove’s members of speech team, Olivia Roehri, earned the great (albeit informal) title of “Funniest Girl in Illinois.” She was the top female finisher in both comedic events she participates in.

If you ask anyone who knows her, they will tell you about Roehri’s endless comedic talents. But to her, it is just her second nature.

“I don’t feel like the funniest girl in Illinois,” Roehri said. “Usually I just say what’s on my mind, and I guess people think it’s funny.”

Being able to think on your feet and come up with such witty and comedic responses on the spot is something so many of us wish we could do, so just how exactly does she do it?

Roehri says she gets her “comedic inspiration from past experiences. I like to take my life [experiences] and twist them in a way that people will find funny and entertaining.”

She is also surrounded by coaches who help her craft her punchlines.  But what goes on behind the scenes?  When she’s not competing for speech, Roehri says she keeps busy doing other things she enjoys.

“I love hanging out with my teammates, participating in track, and watching Spongebob,” she said. “I also really like taking AP Psych notes.”

When asked if there was one thing she wanted people to know about her, it would be the fact that she can crack her nose.

“I don’t have cartilage in my nose and I am able to make noises with it. Some think it’s gross, but I think it’s pretty neat,” she said.

There is never a dull moment for Roehri. Her school schedule is jam packed, with being a speaker, a thrower, a leader and a student, but she“wouldn’t spend [her] high school years any other way.”