Math and Literacy Center’s usage growing with its space

After changing its location over the summer, the Math and Literacy Center has experienced an increase in popularity.

The Math and Literacy Center has been moved to where the Media Center’s Computer Lab used to be. Its more spacious atmosphere has allowed it to fit in more desks and tables. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity, often filling every seat in the room.

“On the first day of school, sixth period, we had

DSC_0326DSC_0323 DSC_0330students coming in for math help,” Mrs. Wilhelmi said. “It has steadily increased to…we got to the situation last week, it was on Monday, we had to start turning kids away because there just weren’t enough seats.”

The Math and Literacy Center helpers have created an environment where students can study alone or with a group or can ask for help from a teacher. This diversity correlates with the diverse study patterns of the student population. Its goal is to be able to assist every student in some way.

“Having the work tables all spread out is nice,” Mrs. Wilhelmi said. “The configuration of the tables I like because some kids can collaborate, you have quiet work areas near the walls. The kids who know ‘I have to focus’ work there. And then you’ve got your roaming teachers, you know, where they can sit at the tables.”

They hope to give the students the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Because English help is one of the major components of the room, computer access is a necessity. Mrs. Wilhelmi is grateful for the tools they have been given.

“We started out with eight Chromebooks and now we have 20, so that’s exciting. It’s just, the ability to service more students has been wonderful,” she said.

Allowing the students to talk in the room makes it different from both the quiet study halls and Commons. While talking is allowed in Commons, it is not always school-related. In the quiet study halls, not even educational conversation is allowed, making the Math and Literacy Center the middleman of productivity.

“I have a number of kids who come in here from Commons. They say they can’t concentrate,” Mrs. Wilhelmi said. “Also, when you go into those study halls, those huge quiet study halls, I think having the work tables, having them spread out is nice.

“Often times you learn just by having a conversation about a topic, and so more is better in the case of the Math and Literacy Center.”