Board approves new C-G fine arts wing


The entrance to Cary-Grove will get a facelift as a result of the fine arts renovation plan, which will include a new auditorium, backstage areas and front lobby.

Emma Krupp, Editor-in-chief

On March 18, the District 155 Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the complete renovation of the fine arts wing at Cary-Grove.

The project, formulated nearly three years ago by the Cary-Grove Fine Arts Foundation, involves the demolition of the current auditorium and construction of a new performance space, furnished with a 650 person seat capacity, a new heating and air conditioning system, and better acoustics. The new space will also feature a dimensionally larger stage with more fly space, and be in full compliance with the 2010 standards of the American Disabilities Act.

Other additions to the expanded wing include new dressing rooms and bathrooms, as well as a multi-purpose rehearsal space, scene shop, prop and scenery storage room.

The total cost of the renovation is projected to be $6,448,185, $1.5 million of which will be covered by funds raised by the Fine Arts foundation through both community and local corporate donations. This feat was made also made possible through several large charity events, most recently an alumni karaoke night and benefit concert that collectively raised over $50,000.

“I’d like to point out and thank the Fine Arts Foundation for their hard work for helping to keep this in the spotlight and in focus and all the tireless effort of fundraising and gathering support,” superintendent Johnnie Thomas said at the meeting. “It’s with that support and that community support that allows us to continue the job that we have here, which is to make our facilities better for our kids.”

Construction is expected to begin in June of this year.