Stars align for Hollywood Homecoming

Sara Kennelly, Editor

Homecoming week is finally upon us! Just like every other year, the hype and craze for the first dance of the year is all over. After hearing mutters in the halls for months and listening to all the schemes of how to ask a sweetheart to the dance, Cary-Grove’s 2016 Homecoming Dance is here!

The theme for the dance is Hollywood, with seniors talking about going in costumes ranging from The Wizard of Oz all the way to iconic 90’s couples like Britney and Justin. As for the week, we have Hawaiian/nerd, college/senior citizen, sports/ opposite and blue/white.

The overall theme for the dance was decided by the Student Council. Student Council president Megan Tobin provided a list of the top five themes, the other four being Under the Sea, Hero, 70’s and Jungle. Mrs. Saffert vetoed Under the Sea and Jungle due to concerns of inappropriate dress, but everyone in Student Council was already enamored with the Hollywood idea, so it didn’t make that much of a difference.

The weekly themes are causing a bit of controversy for the underclassmen as well as the upperclassmen. Many juniors and sophomores, choosing to go unnamed, think that the weekly dress-up days for them are a bit stale. As for seniors, one in particular spoke out about the traditions of senior dress-up days.

“Our grade is the most creative” that CG has seen in years, said senior Kesia Patlan. She believes that we could have done more interesting dress-up days, such as a wizard day. Other seniors, including Tobin, say they “like having the traditions.”

Of course, we couldn’t talk about HoCo without mentioning the adorable ways people are being asked to the dance. A popular proposal this year tended to be a box of donuts: the inside painted with a pun like “I donut want to go to homecoming without you.” Hopefully there will be more cheesy proposals in this upcoming week.