Big expectations for ‘Little Women’

Jamie Pressley, Staff Writer

Cary-Grove’s fall play, Little Women, shows a new aspect on the book written by Louisa May Alcott and will be running from Thursday to Saturday in the auditorium.

“I feel that it’s really inspiring to be a part of such a classic play like this,” said senior Kelsey Krigas, who plays Jo March. “Getting to be a part of a story I knew so long ago, and get to learn more about it, is just astounding.”

The book “Little Women”, published in 1880, became a popular favorite among many readers young and old. The book was actually so popular that many adaptations of it were soon created.

“I feel the play adds such a human element to the book because our cast is almost like a second family, and I feel that shines through when we perform,” said senior Luke Rands, who plays John Brooke. “The message of this play is to stick together even when times are tough, and I think that is one of the most important messages for anyone to learn.”

“I feel that this play is timeless, no matter how you portray it,” said Tyler Neal, who plays Mr. March. “The emotions in this play are so tangible and real, but are still relevant and relatable to someone in today’s day and age. The show is very engaging in a lot of ways you wouldn’t expect it to be.”

Even though Cary-Grove’s drama department has put on many amazing shows in the past, this is the first year they are under the sole direction of Mrs. Sanders.

“Mrs. Sanders has done an amazing job helping us find our character’s persona in new ways,” said sophomore Darby McDonough, who plays Meg March. “She’s so much fun to work with and she’s such a kind lady on and off the stage.”

The cast is ready to go and the students are excited to see their friends perform a new adaptation of a timeless classic.