Auditorium timing leads to mixed feelings

Sydney Fritts, Staff Writer

With confirmation of a new auditorium underway for 2016, students are feeling everything from excitement to concern about the timing of the construction in their high school careers.

Few students would argue that the auditorium renovations are not needed. Since it was added onto the building in 1964, the auditorium has not changed at all.

With a design fit to seat 700 people, the new auditorium will be larger than the present design, but will be different in more ways than one.This new music hall will have all-new dressing rooms and bathrooms, raised seating, higher ceilings for taller curtains and hallways connecting to all parts of the stage so that performers will not have the inconvenience of walking outside the building to get to another side of the theater.

Building a new theater has been near the top of CG’s “To-Do List” for many years now. Over $1.5 million was raised to help construct this long-awaited project.

Of course, juniors and seniors will not be attending Cary-Grove when the project is finalized. Rather than being upset about the timing of the project, the seniors couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Looking back at the two musicals that I was in and the fall follies that I performed in, I loved them so much that it really isn’t about the timing of the auditorium, it’s about the people who are involved,” senior Matt Duncan said.

“I think it is a perfect time,” senior Alexis Renko said. “The program is growing so much and I think it will probably only get bigger and I think it’s a great time for it to be happening.”

Of course, the seniors’ experience with the renovation will likely be limited to coming back to see the musical and follies next year. The juniors are the ones whose experience will be most dramatically impacted by the construction project.

Many of them are anxious to know where and when theater productions will be performed next year. Since their last year in choir might be in different locations, it’s causing some mixed feelings for many of them.

I’m a little disappointed because I realize that I won’t get to perform at Cary-Grove my senior year, but long term, not at all,” junior Mitch Kedzior said. “It’s going to be great for the department and great things will come because all we do here is great things and with great things come better things.”

Junior Kyle Venet was able to look past his own experience when thinking about the renovation.

“I’m really excited and happy for all the younger people who get to use it,” Venet said. “I’m kind of nervous about what will happen to follies and the musicals and the plays next year, but I know that Mr. B and Mrs. Hester and everyone in the department will find a way to make it all work somehow.”

While it’s certain that the auditorium stage will be out of commission next year, the music department hasn’t announced the locations of any of the productions yet.

Feelings among the current underclassmen are much less mixed, since they will all get time on the new stage. Sophomores will have the distinction of graduating the year the new auditorium will be finished. They are ecstatic about being here in time to see the new project and couldn’t be happier to see the department grow.

“I love the timing but it would’ve been cool if I had two or three years with the new stage,” sophomore Evan Petrow said.

Having more than one year with the new theater is ideal, and that might be why the freshmen might be the most excited. Even so, everyone in the school has been really supportive of this project and they all know that it’s not about benefiting any one person, but benefiting everyone as a whole. The music department at C-G will always continue to impress the audience, whether or not they have a new stage to perform on.