A Grammys to remember

From the countless number of awards won by Adele to the pantless duo of Twenty-One Pilots accepting an award, the Grammys this year was a big hit!

Last weekend the 59th annual Grammys were on. The big winner of the night was Adele, who won five Grammy’s for her album and her single, “Hello.” Her album, 25, beat Beyonce’s Lemonade for Album Of The Year.

One of the performances to remember was Beyonce’s performances of her songs “Love Drought” and “Sand Castles” while holding up her bab(ies) bump. From the meaningful intro about being a mother and how powerful a mother is to her amazing vocals throughout the performance, I can’t say Queen B let us down. I don’t know what I’ll remember more, her performance or her beautiful headpiece.

The most show stopping performance (literally!) was Adele’s tribute to the late George Michael. After starting her tribute she (swore and) stopped the whole band. She said because she didn’t get a good start she would like to restart the whole thing out of respect.

I think everyone will be with me when I say that when Adele did this we all got a little more respect for her. Even though she could have kept going with the performance she stopped because she had to perform the song perfectly for the late George Michael. When she restarted the song she hit the nail right on the head and delivered the song better than anyone else could.

This wasn’t the only tribute of the night, though. Bruno Mars did a very lively tribute to the late Prince by singing his song “Let’s Go Crazy.” Wearing the iconic purple coat and white blouse, I couldn’t have thought of a better singer for the job than Mars. By the end of the song Mars had people on their feet dancing in the aisles. He did an amazing job singing the song but I had no idea that he could kill a guitar solo!

The night ended with Adele’s award for Album Of The Year. She shared the award with Beyonce, who she believes should have won the title. People think that this didn’t make sense at all, but hey, from one beyhive member to another, we all know it was hugely appreciated by Beyonce.