Andrew McMahon grows up ‘in the Wilderness’


McMahon’s expressive and energetic performances are one reason to check out his new band.

Something Corporate, a low key pop-punk band started in 1998, said goodbye to the stage and their lead singer, Andrew McMahon, in 2004. But this hotshot was far from done with his music career.

After having huge success with Jack’s Mannequin, his second band formed in 2004, McMahon decided to launch a new indie project of sorts, a band named Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. In concerts (and maybe even the studio) this band’s platforms and piano tops are covered in synthetic grass, a perfect match for their name and sound.

The self-titled album carries a theme of airy piano pieces and heavy synthesizer. Although beautiful piano music has always been a prominent part of McMahon’s career, the waxing and waning synth is what makes Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness truly unique.

After so many years in the music industry, McMahon has grown up, and so has his voice. The childish pitch of his voice has developed into a deep, resonating tone that shocked even his most loyal fans.

Not only is the sound satisfying to the ear, but the lyrics have emotion and meaning behind them. The band’s most popular song, “Cecilia and the Satellite,” has a quite interesting story. Though most think it’s about a sacred lover, the song was actually dedicated to his daughter. From that perspective, “For all the things my hands have held/The best by far is you” has a whole new meaning and gives the listener a new appreciation for the song in general.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is currently on a North American tour with New Politics, as well as The Griswolds and LoLo. Compared to the breathtaking music they produce, their live performance is that much better. From his unique facial expressions to crashing piano pieces, this is a show that I would recommend every indie music lover to see.