‘Frozen’ a worthy addition to Disney canon

Sydney Fritts, Staff Writer

Frozen might possibly be one of the most-loved Disney movies ever, based on reviews from peers and friends. “For the first time in forever,” Disney releases a movie that is not only about expressing your true self, but also a movie in which the love between two sisters can overcome any man.

Idina Menzel is cast as Elsa, one of the main characters. Elsa is the one with white hair, as seen in the trailers. The other main character, known as Anna, is played by Kristen Bell.

Idina Menzel really lets her vocals shine, just like she did in her Glee episodes. However, Kristen Bell pops out as a singer, which was less expected. Most of her roles have been strictly acting. The only other movie showing her in a musical atmosphere was Burlesque; her role in that movie required very little singing, though she did have a nice sound.

The songs in this movie are catchy, however some might not be as clever as other songs in past Disney movies. Some songs in the movie seem as though the lines have just been improvised. When Anna sings “I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face”, that does not exactly go with the rest of the song. The soundtrack and score are still worth buying.

The special effects reach expectations and the plot actually offers unique twists. The movie goes from loss, to love, to lies.

Overall, the movie was good, but there are still Disney movies that have outshined Frozen by a mile, such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. The Lion King can be enjoyed by all audiences, while Frozen might just be for the girls. Beauty and the Beast has a more elegant taste to it, and Aladdin might be a little more comedic. But all in all, this is a great movie to add to Disney’s list.